Terms and Conditions
Terms of Applying as Swee Heng Corporate Member
  • Settlement must be made by the end of the credit period.
  • Interest at the rate of 1.5% per month or part thereof is chargeable on all outstanding amounts which are not settled within the credit period. Interest will be charged from the first day after the expiry of the credit period until the date of the full settlement.
  • Our company reserves the right to suspend credit without notice should be the amount at any time exceed the extended credit period of the credit limit. If the credit limit is exceeded, no further orders for supply will be accepted unless the outstanding amount payable or part thereof is paid. In the event that only a part of outstanding amount is paid (the “Cleared Amount”), orders for supply not exceeding the Cleared Amount will continue to be accepted.
  • Our company reserves the right to, at any time, review the credit limit extended to you and to withdraw, amend or increase it as deemed necessary by our company. Any such decision made by our company is final and is not subject to challenge.
  • Any dispute, queries or complaints regarding our invoices must be made within 14 days of the invoice date, after which it shall be deemed satisfactory to you.